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Big Fogg designs, builds and installs professional high-pressure misting/fogging delivery systems. We utilize a variety of methodologies to deliver this mist including stainless steel, nylon line and copper. Our high-pressure pump operates at 1000 psi and pushes water and any other product through small orifices that turn the mist into fog and allow for flash evaporation. This way we avoid wetness.

Due to the Coronavirus there has been unprecedented need for efficient, productive, automated turn-key disinfectant misting systems. Big Fogg is working to do everything possible to slow down the spread of the virus and minimize the impact of the pandemic. Research studies show that environmental cleaning and sanitizing is essential to contain the spread of the infection. Therefore, Big Fogg has created a new disinfectant misting division to assist in fighting this pandemic. We can set up disinfectant misting systems throughout the plant using sensors and timers for automated mist distribution. We have extensive experience at keeping humidity levels at prescribed levels: misting on and off at specific times.

Big Fogg uses chemical injectors in our delivery systems and distributes spray at specific nozzle locations. We apply diluted product per manufactures specifications. Big Fogg installs overhead systems throughout the country. We can also provide Misting Fans that can be used as portable units to disinfect specific areas. The choice of disinfection product is up to the customer.  Big Fogg works closely with suppliers that have an FDA approved product.


Big Fogg reverse osmosis system prevents the nozzles on the misting systems from clogging and remove calcium deposits from the system. Hard water can cause visible effects, and can turn the important components white.Many high-end restaurants and resorts have their Big Fogg misting systems tied to reverse osmosis. If the nozzles of your current misting system get clogged quickly, installing a reverse osmosis system might be the answer.

We sell and install high quality reverse osmosis system for your misting systems. Reverse osmosis extracts salt and chlorine from water with a pre-filter, then push water via a semipermeable membrane to extract dissolved sediments. This goes through a post-filter after water leaves the reverse osmosis membrane to polish the misting water before it reaches the high pressure misting pump.

Big Fogg also designs, manufacturers and installs a wide range of effective and innovative air filtration systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Our air filtration systems provides the perfect combination of premium quality and smart design. We offer a wide variety of air filtration equipment including Bag-In/Bag-Out Containment Housings, HEPA and Carbon Side Access Housings, ASHRAE Housings, Room Side Replaceable Terminal Modules, HEPA Holding Frames, and Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers. These products comply to all the customary filtration and requirements.



This is a new application for our Cool Caddie, which has traditionally been used as a high pressure, self contained misting system for cooling sports sidelines, bar/restaurant patios, outdoor events, etc.  With the COVID-19 pandemic we heard about South Korea using high pressure misting systems with Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) to disinfect buildings, trucks, equipment, and entrances/exits to hospitals, grocery stores, etc.  We had a US-based company, ECO-Solutions, perform testing of our Cool Caddie with ClO2 on live viruses, which yielded fantastic results (please see attached PDF).  We recently sold about 2 dozen Cool Caddie units over the last few weeks for disinfecting applications, including selling over a dozen to a company that performs a variety of facility and vehicle cleaning/disinfecting services. This company recently setup a dedicated COVID-19 Coronavirus disinfecting group. 

Stabilized Chorine Dioxide is readily available throughout the US, Big Fogg can get you in touch with one of the manufacturers.  ClO2 is very safe and for years has been used to treat fruits and vegetables.  Once dried, it is totally harmless and does not even need to be washed off the fruits and vegetables.  Inhalation of the ClO2 is not recommended, use proper PPE when dispensing the ClO2 with the HydroMist Cool Caddie.

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